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رقص خاک

Dance of Dust | رقص خاک

PersianDrama 73 min 22 December 2015

In a traditional village, resides Ilya (Mahmoud Khosravi), a teenager who toils and lives his daily life. During the work season, a girl named Limua (Limua Rahmani) and her mother join the village community. Ilya experiences an imaginary whisper that constantly haunts him, but only the touch of Limoa’s handprint on raw clay inside the furnace brings him solace, which is eventually thrown into the depth of the well. The arrival of rain signals the end of the work, and “Limua” who is sick has to go with the others and “Ilya” finds healing prayer in his whisper. 

Abolfazl Jalili
Abolfazl Jalili
Ataollah Hayati
Abolfazl Jalili
Nezamoddin Kiaie
Production Company
Kadr Film

Cast & Crew
Jamil Mousavi, Limua Rahmani, Mahmoud Khosravi, Maryam Zarei, Saleh Seyedabadi, Shaban Shabani, Teymour Salimi, Zoleikhah Seyedabadi