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Ranger | رنجر

PersianWar 96 min 2000

Morteza, an Iranian fighter, is captured by Iraqi forces in a forest located in Iraq after a fierce conflict. Sami Jaber, the commander of the Iraqi forces, orders him to be transferred to an abandoned camp far from the eyes of the Red Cross. The camp has very bad conditions and the prisoners are divided into several groups. Morteza plans to escape from the camp and shares it with others, but most of the prisoners oppose his escape plan for various reasons. Saeed, the chief of the camp, tells him that he can carry out his escape plan only if he takes the complete list of Iranian prisoners with him to Iran. To implement his plan, Morteza behaves in such a way that the Iraqis are forced to lock him in solitary confinement. Then, at an opportune moment, after injuring the prison guard, he hides under a truck that is about to leave the camp and escapes from the camp.

Ahmad Moradpoor
Behzad Behzadpour
Mohammad Taghi Paksima
Ahmad Moradpoor
Saeid Ansari
Production Company
Soureh Cinema Organization
Touba Films

Cast & Crew
Fakhreddin Seddigh Sharif, Jamshid Hashempour, Mahmoud Maghami