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رنگ شب 

The Color of Night | رنگ شب 

PersianCrime, Drama 80 min 2001

Rasool, a bank employee, has an accident with a woman named Batul and her son, and when he takes them to the hospital, he realizes that the woman is amnesiac. Zahra, Rasool’s wife, comes to the hospital and takes care of the woman. Zahra and Batul become intimate and since Batul has no one, they take her to Rasul’s house. After some time, Zahra is tormented by her presence and asks her out. When Batul realizes that she has to leave the house, she claims that she is Rasul’s wife, and when Rasul went to the north for a mission, they got to know each other, and this boy is also Rasul’s son. Rasool’s life falls apart and Zahra leaves the house.

Mohammadali Sajadi
Mohammadali Sajadi
Hossein Maleki
Mohammadali Sajadi
Karen Homayounfar
Production Company
Shukofa Film

Cast & Crew
Farhad Ghaemian, Fariborz Arabnia, Homeira Riazi, Leia Zanganeh