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روبان قرمز

Red ribbon | روبان قرمز

PersianAction, Adventure 106 min 1998

Beloved, the only daughter of a war-torn Southerner, whose family has lost everything in the war, returns to her paternal home after some time to live there. However, she finds it in ruins, divided by red ribbons, and a man named Davood is living there. He has been involved in clearing the area of mines since the end of the war and has neutralized them.

Ebrahim Hatamikia
Ebrahim Hatamikia
Hasan Pooya
Hayedeh Safiyari
Mohammadreza Aligholi
Production Company
Vara Honar Film Company

Cast & Crew
Azita Hajian, Parviz Parastui, Reza Kianian