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روز واقعه

Fateful Day | روز واقعه

PersianDrama 105 min 1994

Abdullah is a young Christian who has just converted to Islam and has his heart in love with Raheleh, Zayd’s daughter. During his wedding with Raheleh, he hears a voice that calls him for help, Abdullah rushes from desert to desert, oasis to oasis, towards Karbala and reaches there during Ashura evening, and at that time he sees the “truth” on the head of a spear…

Shahram Asadi
Bahram Beyzaie
Asghar Rafiejam
Maziar Parto
Mehdi Rajaeian
Majid Entezami
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Alireza Shojanoori, Enayatollah Bakhshi, Ezzatullah Entezami, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Hossein Panahi, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Ladan Mostofi, Mehdi Fat'hi, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Saeed Nikpour, Zhaleh Olov