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روز کارنامه

Transcript Day | روز کارنامه

PersianDrama 92 min 2003

On the day of getting his report card, Arad realizes that he has not passed his spelling course again, the school administrator scolds him why the academic status of a student whose father is a doctor and whose mother is an archeology expert should be like this. Distraught, Arad goes home and writes a letter to his parent saying that he plans to throw himself from the top of the Black Tower. He arrives at the tower at the same time as an armed attack by a person named Amir who came to take revenge on his brother-in-law Fereydoun, who lives in the same tower. Amir runs to the roof to escape from the police. Arad, who is about to throw himself from the top, sees him. Amir shields Arad to escape from the police. Arad, who has now forgotten his own problem, becomes curious about Amir’s work and life and decides to accompany him.

Masoud Keramati
Masoud Keramati
Dariush Ayari
Bahram Dehghani
Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Production Company
Farabi Cinema Foundation

Cast & Crew
Abdolreza Akbari, Ali Alidoosti, Matin Azizpour, Mehdi Hashemi, Mehran Rajabi, Mohammad Reza Hedayati, Shahram Ghaedi