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رو سیاه

Disgraced | رو سیاه

PersianAdventure, Drama 95 min 1972

Mehdi (Yadolla Shirandami) dishonors Nayereh (Malousak) with a promise of marriage. Nayereh repeatedly visits Mehdi’s house and leaves messages for his mother (Mehri Vadadian) and sister Fati (Noush-Afarin). When she gets no result, she threatens to file a complaint. Mehdi and his family go to Yazd, and Hooshang Badnam (Mehran Sadri), with the help of one of Mehdi’s friends (Ahmad Moeeni), lures Nayereh to a brothel. On the other hand, Akbar Yazdi (Manouchehr Vosoogh) becomes interested in Fati, but Mehdi opposes their union. Fati runs away from home and encounters Hooshang Badnam, who takes her to the brothel and entrusts her care to Nayereh. Mashaallah (Ezzatollah Ramazanifar), Akbar Yazdi’s brother, informs him of the situation. Nayereh, unable to withstand Fati’s crying and pleading, helps her escape, and Mehdi, upon learning of Nayereh’s sacrifice, marries her.

Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Gholam Reza Mojavari
Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Gholam Reza Mojavari
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Oscar Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Moeeni, Ali-Akbar Mahdavifar, Ashraf Kohan, Ezzatollah Ramazanifar, Hossein Shahab, Karman, Malousak, Manouchehr Vosoogh, Mehran Sadri, Mehri Vadadian, Nariman Shiri-fard, Noush-Afarin, Parvaneh, Poulad, Reza Hajian, Yadolla Shirandami, Zabihollah Safaei, Zohreh