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Riccardo | ریکاردو

PersianAdventure, Comedy, Drama 90 min 1968

“Zafar Divan,” a famous tycoon who has spent a long time abroad, plans to return to Iran and start a widespread business venture in the field of commerce. A group intends to eliminate him, and for this purpose, they invite “Riccardo,” an international gangster, to enter Iran. In these circumstances, “Mansour,” “Amir,” and “Nader,” whose profession is driving, become involved in the situation and thwart Riccardo’s plans, saving Zafar Diwan. Zafar Divan also helps Mansour, Amir, and Nader to marry their beloved girlfriends.

Amin Amini
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Fereydoun Rey Pour
Gurgin Gregorian
Varuzh Karapitiyan
Production Company
Asre Talaie Studio

Cast & Crew
Ali-Akbar Mahdavifar, Amir Zand, Garshasb Raoufi, Majid Faridfar, Majid Shahbaz, Mansour Sepehrnia, Marina Mater, Mohammad Motavasselani, Sara, Soraya Beheshti, Zabihollah Zabihpoor