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زمین تلخ

The Bitter Land | زمین تلخ

PersianCrime, Drama 100 min 1963

There is a long-lasting enmity between Jamal’s family and Morteza’s, over the land, fields, and water of the village. The only individuals concerned about resolving the conflicts are Jamal’s younger brother, Hamid, and Morteza’s daughter, Fariba, who are in love. Morteza and his sons use Hamid’s dating Fariba as an excuse, exacerbate the tensions by setting fire to the haystacks, altering the boundaries of the lands on both sides, and manipulating the use of irrigation water. After the death of Jamal’s mother due to a heart attack and the burning of their farm, Jamal and his brothers seek revenge. Jamal kills Morteza with a gunshot and sets his barn on fire. Teymur, Mohsen, and Pasha are killed in the conflict, and Sohrab, who holds Jamal responsible for the destruction of their family, injures him with a gunshot before being killed by Jamal’s bullet just before Jamal’s death. The survivors from the two families, Hamid, and Fariba, eventually come together.

Khosrow Parvizi
Khosrow Parvizi
Asghar Bichareh
Fereydoun Rey Pour
Ghodratallah Ehsani
Khosrow Parvizi
Khosrow Parvizi
Production Company
Atlas Film

Cast & Crew
Akbar Hashemi, Ali Zandi, Asghar Bichare, Garsha Ra’ufi, Hossein Erfani, Manouchehr Oliyaei, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Nersi Korkia, Parkhide, Reza Beik Imanverdi, Yasamin