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زن باکره

Virgin Woman | زن باکره

PersianDrama, Romance, Thriller 110 min 1973

Borzoo (Manouchehr Vossoogh) promises to marry Maryam (Karmen Oskooyi), while his foster sister, Zohreh (Argavan), looks for the chance to announce her own engagement to Amir (Morteza Aghili). Meanwhile, the local bully, Agha Mojtaba (Bahram Vatanparast), has his eyes set on Zohreh and, with his friend Akbar (Mehdi Fakhimzadeh), seeks an opportunity to propose to her. As the story unfolds, Amir weds Zohreh, and Borzoo marries Maryam, but Mojtaba sows seeds of doubt in Amir about Borzoo and Zohreh’s relationship, dragging him to a cafe. Borzoo himself becomes suspicious of Maryam’s interactions with her friend Ali (Faramarz Sadighi) and starts neglecting his wife. Mojtaba continues to stir up trouble, making Amir increasingly mistrustful of both Zohreh and Maryam. In a fit of rage, Borzoo locks Amir, Ali, Akbar, Mojtaba, Zohreh, and Maryam in a room and poisons their food, only to realize too late that his suspicions were unfounded. As life ebbs away in that secluded chamber, both Amir and Borzoo finally confess their love to Zohreh and Maryam, respectively.


Zakaria Hashemi
Zakaria Hashemi
Iraj Sadeghpoor
Iraj Sadeghpour
Rubik Mansouri
Shahryar Ghanbari
Production Company
Ace Film

Cast & Crew
Arghavan Ja‘farzada, Bahram Vatanparast, Faramarz Sadighi, Farideh, Karmen Oskooyi, Mahdi Fakhimzadeh, Manouchehr Vosough, Morteza Aghili, Naser Nazem, Shekoufandeh, Vazhgani