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زن ها فرشته اند

Women are angels | زن ها فرشته اند

PersianAction, Crime, Drama 109 min 1963

Jamshid Kamiar withdraws from the company’s fund to prepare his wife Maryam’s birthday present. Hormoz and Javad, one of Jamshid’s criminal friends, are in charge of a group that deceives women and leads them astray. In order to break up Jamshid’s family unit, they drag him to the gambling table and fraudulently take the money he stole from the company’s safe, and they make him suspicious of his wife in order to corrupt Maryam after they separate. Dash Abram, who is their neighbor, goes to help Maryam, and when Maryam falls into the hands of Hormoz and his men, with the help of Sosan, Jamshid’s ex-wife and Hormoz’s fiancee, he traps them in the police trap. Maryam is wounded while fleeing and Susan is killed. After treatment, Maryam starts a new life with her husband and son Parviz.

Esmaeil Poorsaeid
Esmaeel Poursaeed
Saeid Nivandi
Saeid Nivandi
Hoshang Boroshki
Production Company
Atlas Film

Cast & Crew
Delileh Namazi, Hossein Mohseni, Mahmoud Basiri, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Saeed Kamiyar