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ساحل انتظار

Waiting Beach | ساحل انتظار

PersianAdventure, Drama 102 min 1963

Qasem Khan (Akbar Khajavi) asserted ownership of a portion of the ocean, leading to a confrontation with fishermen over fishing rights. The dispute escalated, and after Qasem Khan’s group dispersed the fishermen, they seized the caught fish. Following a clash with his son Masoud (Mohammad Ali Jafari), who deemed Qasem Khan’s sea ownership claim unjust, he expelled Masoud from their home, and Masoud sought refuge with others. Ahmad (Fardin), who had an affection for Kazem’s (Gholamhossein Naghshineh) daughter Maryam (Forouzan), went fishing at sea with a group of fishermen but went missing due to a tempest. Ghazaleh (Tahmineh), who lived by the beach with her father (Ali Zandi), found the unconscious Ahmad washed ashore and cared for him as he had a broken leg. During Ahmad’s absence, Masoud started teaching literacy to the local community and grew close to Maryam, who was carrying Ahmad’s child. To protect her honor, Masoud married Maryam, claiming paternity of her child. Later, Ahmad returned to his coastal home, but Maryam chose to stay with Masoud, while Ghazaleh awaited Ahmad after Maryam abandoned him on the beach.

Siamak Yasami
Siamak Yasami
Ezzatollah Famin
Musa Afshar
Morteza Hannaneh
Production Company
Misaghieh Studio

Cast & Crew
Akbar Khajavi, Ali Zandi, Gholamhossein Naghshineh, Mohammad Ali Fardin, Mohammad Ali Jafari, Taghi Zohuri, Tahmineh