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ساز دهنی

Harmonica | Sāz dahanī | ساز دهنی

PersianDrama 73 min 1973

Amir is a naive and energetic boy living in the vicinity of Bushehr. He often gets into fights with his peers. Abdollah is a teenager whose father gives him a musical instrument to convince him to undergo circumcision. The kids in the port area become interested in Abdollah’s Harmonica, and in exchange for getting a piggy ride back, Abdollah lets them play the Harmonica. Amir, more than the others, becomes fond of the instrument and gives excessively more rides to Abdollah. His mother scolds him, and one of the kids calls him “Abdollah’s Donkey.” This makes him feel ashamed, and he sits quietly crying in a beached derelict ship. After immersing himself in the sea, he steals the Harmonica from Abdollah and throws it into the sea, freeing himself from the burden of humiliation.

Amir Naderi
Amir Naderi
Alireza Zarindast
Sohrab Shahid Salis
Mahali Junubi
Production Company
Intellectual Development Center for Children and Teenagers

Cast & Crew
Mahmoud Vafabakhsh, Masoud Godarzi, Mehdi Javadi, Shahla Darvishi