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سام و نرگس

Sam and Narges | سام و نرگس

PersianDrama, Romance 91 min 2000

Sam (Mohammad Reza Golzar) and Abd and Omid are three close friends. Sam falls in love with the sister of Abd Narges (Nooshin Hosseinkhani). Then it revealed that Omid is in love with her too. Omid, who is jealous, goes to tell Abd about Sam and Narges. Abd who is angry goes after Sam and tries to hit him with a knife but instead hits himself and gets killed. Sam is arrested and sentenced to death but on the day of his trial the truth is revealed. 

Iraj Ghaderi
Iraj Ghaderi
Farajollah Heidari
Hassan Ayoubi
Babak Bayat
Production Company
Hedayat Film

Cast & Crew
Aida Motallebi, Akram Mohammadi, Esmail Shangale, Hadi Mehdikia, Lida Javadi, Mahmood Ardalan, Mahmood Kakavand, Majid Moshiri, Mohammad Reza Golzar, Nooshin Hosseinkhani, Omid Omidfard, Pourandokht Mahiman