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Saavaalaan | ساوالان

PersianAction 100 min 1989

A bandit group targets the villagers of Savalan each year, plundering their possessions. Acting upon Kadkhoda’s advice, the villagers decide to seek assistance from a group of mercenaries led by Durbush Khan to confront these bandits. A young man named Salam also volunteers to join the cause. The mercenaries, greeted with enthusiasm by the people of Savalan, arrive to help. However, Durbush Khan and his group have ulterior motives, planning to exploit the villagers of Savalan before the bandits arrive. This scheme faces resistance from the villagers, who are determined to protect their rights. With both the bandits and Durbush Khan’s group attempting to take advantage of the villagers, Salam takes it upon himself to rally the people of Savalan to stand united against their oppressors.

Yadollah Samadi
Yadollah Samadi
Hassan Gholizade
Hossein Zandbaf
Farhad Fakhrodini
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ferdows Kaviani, Khosrow Dastgir, Majid Mozaffari, Mohammad Barsoozian