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Sattar Khan | ستارخان

PersianAction, Biography 90 min 1973

Karbalaei Ali reaches Sattar Khan in search of shelter in the market of Tabriz and they both run away together. But when they escape, they are arrested and interrogated by the security forces. In the meantime, Heydar Khan Amo oghli tries to free them and then they go to Tehran. In Tehran, Sattar Khan joined the constitutionalist front and became the commander of one hundred constitutionalist riders. There, Sattar Khan and Karbalai Ali met Baqer Khan and signed an agreement. At the same time, Atabak was shot dead by Abbas Agha Saraf, and Heydar Amo oghli also killed Saraf. After closing the parliament and closing it with cannons by the Kazakh forces led by Liakhov, Heydar Amo oghli leaves for Tabriz and the people of that city are roused in support of Sattar Khan. At the same time, government troops entered Tabriz and the war began. A number of Mujahideen were killed and wounded and the city fell. Karbalai Ali, who was arrested and tortured, faces a bitter fate. His wife committed suicide and his children were hanged. Sattar Khan and Baqher Khan were arrested and sent to Tehran and finally killed in Atabak Garden.

Ali Hatami
Ali Hatami
Houshang Baharloo
Hadi Saber
Fereydoun Naseri
Production Company
Rex Cinema Theater

Cast & Crew
Ali Nasirian, Enayatullah Bakshi, Ezzatollah Entezami, Jalal Pishvaeian, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Parviz Sayyad