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The Combat | ستیز

PersianDrama, Romance 90 min 1976

Amir and Maryam plan to get married, but Maryam’s car falls into a ravine, and newspapers publish the news of her death. Zari, Maryam’s cousin who is interested in Amir, hides the letters that Maryam writes to Amir and gets herself closer to him. Maryam returns and discovers that Amir and Zari have developed feelings for each other. However, after learning about Maryam’s well-being, Amir marries her, and they later become parents. Zari marries a wealthy man and, with the help of his accomplice, Bahram, plans to seize her husband’s wealth. Zari’s husband dies of a heart attack, and Amir is sent to prison after Zari, claiming him as her husband’s murderer…

Azizollah Bahadori
Azizollah Bahadori
Maziyar Partu
Maziar Parto
Hosein Vaseghi
Production Company
Oscar Film

Cast & Crew
Abbas Mokhtari, Ahmad Ghadakchian, Akbar Esfahani, Ali Akbar Mahdavifar, Banu Eskandari, Farhad Hamidi, Halla, Khosrow Namjoo, Manouchehr Vosoogh, Mohammad Reza Rafi'i, Shahram Saminipour, Surraya Hekmat