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سفر جادویی

The Magical Journey | سفر جادویی

PersianAdventure, Comedy 95 min 1990

Dr. Reza Kamali is determined to make his son Sina an exceptional student through strict discipline. One day, fearing his father’s punishment, Sina hides inside a mysterious washing machine in their house. When someone discovers Sina in the machine and doubts Dr. Kamali’s explanation, they send him to the hospital. However, Sina escapes and accidentally ends up inside the hospital’s laundry machine while trying to run away.

Inside the laundry machine, Sina faces a trial with his childhood classmates serving as the jury and spectators. They find Dr. Kamali guilty of mistreating his son and decide to punish him. Dr. Kamali is sent back to his teenage years, with the condition that he must return to the present time by achieving a perfect GPA of 20 and enduring 25 lashings.

Young Kamali, now aware of future events, uses his knowledge to save lives, including that of his future spouse, through acts of kindness and compassion. His humanity earns him the opportunity to return to his spouse and child before the designated time, having learned valuable lessons from his experiences.

Abolhassan Davoodi
Abolhassan Davoodi
Mehdi Fakhimzadeh
Maziyar Parto
Hassan Hassandoost
Naser Cheshmazar
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Akbar Abdi, Azita Hajiyan, Farhang Mehrparvar, Maryam Hazhirvand, Reza Abdi