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سه فراری

Three Fugitives | Sih farārī | سه فراری

PersianComedy, Drama, Musical 90 min 1969

“Amir,” “Nasser,” and “Mansour” go to great lengths to gather ten thousand Tomans, which they can use to secure the release of “Narges'” imprisoned father. During this time, a fleeing thief accidentally drops a suitcase in their house. Some time later, the house owner evicts the three young men, while Narges safeguards their furniture along with the suitcase containing the money. The thief’s associates search for the suitcase but fail to find it. Eventually, the police intervene and recover the suitcase, returning it to its rightful owner. Grateful, the owner of the money in the suitcase provides the three young men with the ten thousand Tomans they needed, enabling the release of Narges’ father from prison.

Armaeis Aghamalian
Parviz Noori
Gholam Reza Mojavari
Gholam Reza Mojavari
Hamid Ghanbari
Production Company
United Cinemas Group of Tehran

Cast & Crew