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سه قاپ

Knucklebones | سه قاپ

PersianDrama 105 min 1971

Barzou (played by Naser Malek Motiee) and his young wife Marvarid have just started their married life, but Marvarid yearns for more attention from her husband. Barzou, on the other hand, is engrossed in gambling. Their life continues with gambling, quarrels, and escapes until Barzou realizes that his wife is pregnant. He decides to quit gambling for good. However, Ali (played by Bahman Mofid), the suitor of his friend’s sister and a lifelong companion in his gambling ventures, comes forward to propose. Ali’s family needs a substantial dowry. In a final gambling endeavor, Barzou risks it all to secure the money needed for Ali’s proposal. However, this last game escalates into a bloody confrontation. Ali is killed, and Barzou only has the opportunity to bring his bloodied body home to his ever-waiting wife and pass away there.

Zakaria Hashemi
Zakaria Hashemi
Behrouz Sayyadi
Zakaria Hashemi
Morteza Hannaneh
Production Company
Imazh film

Cast & Crew
Bahman Mofid, Hasan Khayyat-Bashi, Hossein Gil, Mahmoud Bahrami, Morvarid, Naser Malek Motiee, Shahruz Ramtin, Yadollah Shirandami