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سه قهرمان

Three Heroes | سه قهرمان

PersianComedy, Family 90 min 1966

Three young individuals who have found significant success in their work at a café face two major challenges. Firstly, there is an elderly bankrupt merchant who has learned that his daughter, studying in Europe, believes he is still wealthy. He intends to come to Tehran with his fiancée, and the reality of his destitution greatly upsets his daughter. The second problem is the presence of a blind and wandering girl for whom they are trying to raise enough money for treatment. The three young people go to another café that offers to showcase them in exchange for more money. With cleverness and determination, they overcome the two challenges and also get entangled with a group of criminals who have taken refuge in the café and are engaged in destructive activities.

Amin Amini
Ahmad Najibzadeh
Fereydoun Rey Pour
Amin Amini
Dariush Azizi
Production Company
Asre Talaie Studio

Cast & Crew
Ashraf Kashani, Garsha Raoofi, Mansour Sepehrnia, Mohammad Motevaselani, Shahla, Soraya Beheshti