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سه کارگاه خصوصی

Three Private Detectives | Sih kārʹāgāh-i khuṣūṣī | سه کارآگاه خصوصی

PersianAction, Crime 88 min 1965

Amir, Mansur and Nader become interested in the operations of private detectives after watching crime TV movies. Nader’s fiancé suggests they establish a care center for children and disabled people. The first visitors to their office are disabled and homeless people who refuge in their office. Two girls approach them and ask them to expel the ghosts that have found refuge in our house. With the follow-up of the young detectives, it turns out that the group that is involved in making spooky disguises as ghosts are engaged in drugs and illegal activities in the girls’ house. Three private detectives manage to destroy the criminals and trap them with the cooperation of the police.

Mohammad Motevaselani
Mohammad Motevaselani
Ghodratallah Ehsani
Ghodratallah Ehsani
Roubik Mansouri
Production Company
Misaghieh Studio

Cast & Crew
Garsha Raoofi, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Mansour Sepehrnia, Mohammad Motavasselani, Nasrin Safai, Niku Safaei