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سکوت کوهستان

The Silence of the mountains | سکوت کوهستان

PersianAction, Drama 90 min 1995

A teenage boy named Qara Khan, after his stepfather Havar Khan was killed, finds out through his mother Narges that his real father was Rashid – Havar’s killer. Rasheed is killed by Havar’s brothers, and they, who incited by their mother, consider Nargis to be Havar’s main killer, make a conspiracy to kill Nargis.

Yadollah No Asri
Gholamreza Jannatkhah Doost
Yadollah No Asri
Gholamreza Azadi
Gholamreza Jannatkhah Doost
Sa'ed Bagheri
Saed Bagheri
Sharif Lotfi
Production Company
Nahid Film

Cast & Crew
Farhad Ghaemian, Houshang Mansourkhaki, Khosrow Dastgir, Mehri Mehrnia, Saeed Abbasi, Sharareh Yousefian