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سیرک بزرگ

The Great Circus | سیرک بزرگ

PersianComedy 87 min 1991

Between 1962 and 1967, Maharajah Rajew, a bankrupt circus owner, faces dire circumstances as he’s compelled to put on a show in a small Iranian town. His goal is to secure funds for the survival of the remaining circus animals and his family. Regrettably, the show’s performance falls short of expectations, leading his colleagues to abandon him.

Under mounting pressure from creditors and the additional burden of concealing a murderer disguised in a bear’s skin, Maharajah Rajew decides to flee, leaving behind the animals and the circus. In his absence, city authorities decide to auction off Maharajah’s remaining assets to settle his debts. During the auction, the murderer manages to escape.

The primary creditor, a local butcher, claims an elephant as payment, setting the stage for a series of new and unexpected adventures.

Akbar Khajooei
Akbar Khajooei
Sirus Moghadam
Bergroni Boghoosian
Dariush Ashoori
Mohammad Saeed Sharifian
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Akbar Abdi, Esfandiar Yeganeh, Farahnaz Manafi Zaher, Ferdows Kaviani, Gholamhossein Lotfi, Hossein Moheb Ahari, Morteza Zarrabi