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سینما سینماست

Cinema is cinema | سینما سینماست

PersianDrama 90 min 1997

Cinema director Reza Kayanian and his assistant together with Munshi Kayanian, after a lot of searching, consider Mandana to play the lead role in their film. But Mandana’s family is against her role in the movie. On the other hand, Mandana’s fiancé, Iman, who is a film student, believes that Mandana should play a role in his film

Seyed Ziaodin Dari
Seyed Ziaodin Dari
Mohammad Dormanesh
Hossein Zandbaf
Alireza Kohan Deyri
Production Company
Tooba FIlm

Cast & Crew
Behnaz Jafari, Esmaeil Seydiloo, Korosh Tahami, Maryam Moghadam, Reza Kianian