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Charlatan | شارلاتان

PersianFamily 104 min 1966

Bahram’s life took a tragic turn when his wife, Nasrin, passed away during childbirth years ago. Currently residing with his daughter Nasrin and her mother Zahra, Bahram shares their home with close friends Javad and Hossein Vaz. A twist of fate leads them to Nasreen Ashna and her father’s factory, Arbab Sohrab Khan. However, their lives are disrupted by Kambiz, a manipulative schemer who seeks to marry Nasreen. Together with his sister and friends, Kambiz plans to rob the factory’s safe and frames Bahram for the crime, resulting in his separation from his daughter. A turning point arrives when Hossein Vaz uncovers the truth behind the safe robbery. Collaborating with Bahram and Javad, they devise a plan to expose Kambiz and his associates. With the assistance of the police, they successfully corner the robbers and rescue Bahram’s mother and daughter from their clutches. In an unexpected twist, Sohrab Khan, upon seeing Zahra, admits that Bahram and Nasrin are his long-lost wife and child. Nasreen’s presence was an attempt to fill the void created by their absence. Reluctantly, Bahram forgives his estranged father, who has learned his lesson, and they set out on a journey to rebuild their lives, forging a new beginning together.

Saber Rahbar
Saber Rahbar
Mahtab Photography Group
Saber Rahbar
Jafar Porhashemi
Rubik Mansuri
Production Company
United Cinemas Group of Tehran

Cast & Crew
Faranak Mirghahari, Farangis Forohar, Firooz, Homayun Murad, Hossein Eshraq, Hossein Gil, Ismail Shirazi, Jahangir Mehraban, Jamshid Mehrdad, Javad Taghadosi, Manuel Marootian, Mohsen Arasteh, Reza Beyk Imanvardi, Shahla Riyahi, Sudabeh, Tabrizi, Taghi Taghadosi, Yadollah Shirandami, eshghi