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شازده احتجاب

Prince Ehtejab | شازده احتجاب

PersianBiography, Drama 93 min 1974

Prince Ehtejab, the last surviving member of the Qajar dynasty, is suffering from hereditary tuberculosis. Morad, the prince’s former servant, and his wife Hasni occasionally visit the prince, and Morad informs him of the deaths of family members and relatives. One night, the prince sees Morad in the alley, and when he realizes that Morad has not only come for money, but he also suspects that Morad has come to announce his own (the prince’s) death.

Bahman Farmanara
Houshang Golshiri
Nemat Haghighi
Abbas Ganjavi
Ahmad Pejman
Production Company
Tel Film

Cast & Crew
Fakhri Khorosh, Hossein Kasbian, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Nouri Kasraei