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شاه خاموش

The Silent King | شاه خاموش

PersianDrama, History 90 min 2003

At the onset of the First World War, Iran initially declared its neutrality to safeguard the country from destruction. However, it became entangled in political conflicts, with Russia and England on one side and Germany and the Ottomans on the other, vying for influence. In such circumstances, at the suggestion of patriots such as Mostofi (Ali Nasirian) and Modares and others who saw the constitutional government as lacking the military and executive ability to deal with these conditions, Ahmad Shah (Mohammad Reza Forutan) decided to relocate the court to Isfahan, a focal point of opposition from Russia and Britain. He entrusted anti-colonial forces with managing the capital’s affairs, contingent upon British forces withdrawing from Bushehr and Russian forces leaving Karaj, Qazvin, and northern Iran. Initially, the ministers of the Russian and English sovereigns were taken aback by this move, which they perceived as a diplomatic ploy, but eventually accepted the conditions. However, they presented an additional demand: for the Iranian emperor to sever his relationship with his beloved, princess Legontney (Mahtab Keramati), daughter of the Austrian sovereign minister (whose country supported Germany in the war). Sacrificing his affection for the countess, the patriotic Iranian emperor agreed to this condition to safeguard Iran’s interests.

Homayoun Shahnavaz
Homayoun Shahnavaz
Turaj Mansuri
Abbas Ganjavi
Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Production Company
Sima Film

Cast & Crew
Ali Nasirian, Kazem HajirAzad, Mahtab Keramati, Majid Mirzaian, Mir Taher Mazloomi, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Mohammad Reza Haghgoo, Mohammad Sadeghi, Peter Soleimanipour