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شب دهم

The Tenth Night | شب دهم

PersianDrama, War 79 min 1990

On the tenth night of the month of Muharram, chaos erupts following street clashes between mourners and army officers who have arrived to support intoxicated Americans. In the midst of this turmoil, Aziz Saharkhiz makes the difficult decision to escape the violence, leaving his wife alone. Over the years, he is haunted by feelings of regret and self-disgust for abandoning his sixteen-year-old son, who subsequently falls under the influence of his brother-in-law, Naib, the leader of the mourners on the tenth night of Muharram.

Driven by his guilt and concern for his son, Aziz decides to follow him to the warfront. However, along the way, a traumatic explosion leaves him with amnesia. After eventually recovering, he finds himself in a completely different and unfamiliar situation.

Jamal Shourjeh
Jamal Shourjeh
Rahim Rahimipour
Reza Banki
Ahmad Zabeti Jahromi
Kambiz Roshanravan
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Alireza Eshaghi, Amir Hossein Sharifi, Malihe Nikjumand, Nasirn Khodadoost Moghadam, Reza Banafshekhah