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شب قوزی

Night of the Hunchback | Shab-i qūzī | شب قوزی

PersianAdventure, Crime 91 min 1964

In a comedy group, after one of their performances, Qazi the hunchback chokes while eating. Out of fear, the group members take his body to a house that leads to various troubles. From then on, this body becomes a source of problems for those who are somehow involved in a criminal incident. Each one tries to find a way to get rid of this body. Eventually, the police discover the body and apprehend the culprits.

Farrukh Ghaffari
Farrukh Ghaffari
Gerium Hayrapetian
Hossein Malek
Production Company
Iran Nama Studio

Cast & Crew
Farrukh Ghaffari, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Pari Saberi, Zakaria Hasehmi