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The villain | شرور

PersianAction 90 min 1974

The scheming woman, Shahnaz, threatens to Bounce Abdullah’s checks and promissory notes, leading him to divorce his wife Zinat and marry her instead. Unable to conceive, they adopt a girl from an orphanage. Years later, Abdullah has an accident and becomes disabled. Meanwhile, Turaj becomes a teacher, and his brother, Faraj, turns to gambling. Abdullah chooses Turaj as a teacher for his stepdaughter, Fereshteh, and a gradual affection develops between them. Shahnaz, who is determined to free herself from Abdullah, asks her driver, Ali, to kill Turaj. Ali’s actions lead to Turaj’s fall into a valley. Faraj, searching for his brother, meets Fereshteh and thwarts Shahnaz’s plot to kill her. Ali and Zinat are arrested by the police, and Zinat introduces Abdullah as a father figure to Faraj. In the end, Turaj resurfaces and begins a life together with Fereshteh.

Nasser Mohammadi
Nasser Mohammadi
Ali Sadeghi
Nasser Mohammadi
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Moeini, Ali Azad, Firouz, Hamedeh Hamedi, Peyman