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Jackal | شغال

PersianDrama 90 min 2005

Yusuf, Abi, and Hamid, alongside Kathy, execute a daring jewelry store heist for Nasser Khan. Mahrokh, Yusuf’s fugitive wife, finds refuge with Parvin. Complications arise as Yusuf maintains a romantic relationship with Kathy. Nasser Khan tasks the group with smuggling drugs to Zahedan. Yusuf’s clever manipulation exposes Abi and Hamid, leading to conflicts. The bag of actual drugs ends up with Katie. Unraveling Yusuf’s plan, Nasser Khan takes Maherkh hostage. Yusuf confronts him, rescuing Maherkh and clashing with Khan’s agents. Tragedy strikes as Abi falls in a clash with Khan’s team. Yusuf seeks the bag from Katie, accidentally resulting in Hamid’s death. Yusuf’s exposure of Khan lands him in prison. He pens a hopeful letter to Maherkh, envisioning a brighter future for their child.

Asghar Nasiri
Hasan Thamoudian
Sasan Farrokhnia
Esfandiar Shahidi
Asghar Nasiri
Shahriar Sherbafian
Production Company
Erfan Film

Cast & Crew
Anahita Nemati, Mehdi Aminikhah, Mohammad Mokhtari, Parisa Bakshi, Sasan Farrokhnia