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شنگول و منگول

Shangool and Mangool | شنگول و منگول

PersianMusical 83 min 1989

During a school field trip, a young schoolteacher named Mary (Afsaneh Bayegan) captivates the children with the timeless tale of Shangoul and Mangoul: In the animal kingdom, the lion, as the reigning monarch of the jungle, orchestrates a contest between the wolf and the fox. The challenge is to bring him the most delectable food in the shortest time.

Driven by their hunger, the wolf and the fox decide to kidnap the baby goats, Shangoul, Mangoul, and Grape. While the wolf plans to devour Shangoul and Mangoul himself, the fox cunningly takes Grape to present to the lion. However, the mother goat embarks on a relentless search for her missing children, enlisting the help of other forest animals.

With the combined efforts of the forest’s inhabitants, they manage to capture and subdue the wolf and the fox. Ultimately, the baby goats are safely returned to their mother, bringing a heartwarming resolution to the story.

Parviz Sabri
Parviz Sabri
Ali Mazinani
Iraj Golafshan
Andre Arzoumanian
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Afsaneh Bayegan, Asadollah Yekta, Fariba Motekhases, Hamid Abdolmaleki, Nader Rajab Pour, Shahram Lasemi