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شهردار مدرسه

School mayor | شهردار مدرسه

PersianChildren 90 min 1997

A group of students of a guidance school, with the help of the principal and supervisor of the school, decide to participate in the election of the mayor of the school. Two groups of students start working. Behrouz, one of the candidates is admitted to the hospital due to a heart disease, and his friend Sina visits him every day and keeps him updated on election activities.

Mohammad Bagher Khosravi
Ahmad Khodakarim
Behzad Ali Abadian
Mohammad Bagher Khosravi
Raha Khosravi
Production Company
Dohol Film

Cast & Crew
Ataollah Moradi, Davoud Ghafari, Hamid Mola Abbasi, Mohammad Reza Shaban-Noori, Reza San'ati, Shervin Etehad