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شهر شراب

Wine City | شهر شراب

PersianDrama 103 min 1977

Nasim and her mother Naneh Roqay live in a public house. There, a girl named Badri, who works in the same house, is interested in Nasim. One day, Badri shows Naneh Roqay a photo of a man named Mehrnia, to whom she has promised to marry. Naneh Roqay confesses that Nasim is the result of her illegitimate relationship with Mehrnia and, in a meeting with Mehrnia, asks him to provide stability in Nasim’s life. To keep his secret hidden, Mehrnia orchestrates a staged car accident that results in Naneh Roqay’s death. Nasim finds Mehrnia and unintentionally causes his death. Banafsheh, Mehrnia’s secretary, who had arranged Nasim’s marriage to him, encourages her to escape, and Mehdi, Mehrnia’s son and Nasim’s friend, collaborates with the police to pursue Nasim and Badri to the northern forests. Badri sacrifices herself to help Nasim escape, sharing the truth about Mehrnia’s actions with Mehdi and the police before her death. Banafsheh’s efforts to persuade Nasim to surrender prove futile, and Nasim takes her own life before being captured.

Fathollah Manouchehri
Fathollah Manouchehri
Ali Mazinani
Fathollah Manouchehri
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Burk Company

Cast & Crew
Farzaneh Davari, Haleh Nazari, Kami Kasravi, Morteza Aghili, Parvin Malakouti