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شوخی نکن دلخور میشم

Don't joke; I'll get upset | شوخی نکن دلخور می‌شم

PersianComedy 101 min 1966

Amin and his gang, involved in illicit alcohol smuggling, commit a murder targeting the rival group’s leader, who manages Morvarid Cafe. Farhad and Siros, employees at Morvarid Cafe, witness this act of violence and flee due to fear of Amin and his associates. They seek refuge at Swan Motel with a group of women including Jale and Zila, accompanied by their friends Asal (Amin’s daughter) and Mrs. Alborz (their mother). Both Farhad and Siros are attracted to Asal, although Asal is interested in Siros. Amin and his gang also hide from the police at Swan Motel Villa, posing as Indian businessmen. They express interest in Zhila, but their true identities are revealed, and Amin’s gang pursues them. With police intervention, they are arrested.

Reza Safaei
Nosratollah Kani
Reza Safaei
Rubik Mansouri
Production Company
Pars Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Ghadakchian, Ali Tabesh, Dariush Asadzade, Forouzan, Hamide Kheirabadi, Javad Qaemmaghami