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شوهر پاستوریزه

The Upstanding Husband | شوهر پاستوریزه

PersianComedy 117 min 1972

A girl, interested in a young and poor student, escapes to Isfahan to avoid falling victim to her father’s hasty decision of marrying her off to a wealthy man. On her journey, she encounters a married couple from Isfahan. The Isfahani man helps her to avoid the clutches of her father’s adversaries. However, suspicious of the Isfahani man’s actions, the wife suspects him of having an affair with the Tehrani girl. In the end, the truth becomes evident, creating an opportunity for the Tehrani girl to marry the man she loves.

Nosratollah Vahdat
Nezam Vahdat
Azizollah Rafie
Shokrollah Rafiei
Roubik Mansouri
Production Company
Naghsh Jahan Studio

Cast & Crew
Arham Sadr, Kami Kasravi, Nosratollah Vahdat, Shila