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Hemlock | شوکران

PersianDrama 84 min Iran (1999), June 12, 2000 (United States)

Engineer Khakpour, the managing director of the company, leaves for Tehran after examining the losses of the factory. He was injured in an accident on the road and was taken to the hospital. After hearing the news of the accident, Mahmoud Basirat, Khakpour’s deputy and old friend, went to Tehran and met Khakpour in Tehran. After receiving treatment in Khakpour, he met a nurse named Sima. Over time, the relationship between Sima and Mahmoud became more intimate. Finally, with Mahmoud’s suggestion, Sima secretly marries him and…

Behruz Afkhami
Behruz Afkhami
Minoo Farshchi
Nemat Haghighi
Mehrzad Minoei
Mohammadreza Moeini
Nasser Cheshmazar
Saeed Kashani
Production Company
Soureh Organisation

Cast & Crew
Fariborz Arabnia, Hedyeh Tehrani, Mohammad Saleh Ala, Rozita Ghaffari