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Chocolate | شکلات

PersianComedy, Drama 90 min 2003

Famous actor Amin Hayaei has an accident with a poor young man named Mahmoud. Mahmoud’s sister’s husband Shapour convinces him to pretend that his back was injured in an accident (while in reality Mahmoud’s back was injured in the Iran-Iraq war) and is unable to walk so that they can recover their financial situation by receiving damages. and organize Amin Hayaei takes Mahmoud to his house and takes care of him, and Mahmoud realizes that Amin has many problems in his personal life. Little by little, a friendship between Amin and Mahmoud is formed…

Afshin Sherkat
Afshin Sherkat
Farid Mostafavi
Farajullah Heydari
Kamran Ghadakchian
Fardin Khalatbari
Production Company
Sepahan Film

Cast & Crew
Amin Hayai, Chakameh Chamanmah