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صادق کرده

Sadegh is the Kurdish Man | صادق کرده

PersianAction 110 min 1973

Sadegh (played by Saeed Rad), known as “Sadegh Kordeh,” runs a cafe on the way between Andimeshk and Ahvaz with the help of his wife (Atashkhayr). One night, in Sadeq’s absence, one of his friends, a truck driver, visits the cafe and while attempting to rape her, unintentionally murders Sadeq’s wife. The Police station chief (Mohammad Ali Keshavarz) and Sergeant Vali Khan (Ezzatollah Entezami), the father of Sadeq’s wife, attempt to find the killer. However, seeking revenge for the murder of his wife, Sadeq initiates a massacre of truck drivers…

Nasser Taghvaei
Nasser Taghvaei
Nosratollah Kani
Abbas Ganjavi
Farhad Hurmuz
Production Company
Misaqiya Studio

Cast & Crew
Atash Kheir, Elahe Allahyari, Ezzatollah Entezami, Ezzatollah Ramazanifar, Giti Forouhar, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Saeed Rad