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صبح روز چهارم

Morning of the Fourth Day | صبح روز چهارم

PersianAction, Crime, Drama 100 min 1973

Amir (Saeed Rad) is an aimless wanderer, adrift without direction and nowhere to go, who steals a car in Abadan and inadvertently kills a man in a meaningless dispute. He returns to Tehran, disregarding the fact that he has taken a life, and continues his thefts, gambling, and other misdeeds. Finally, on the morning of the fourth day, his lover informs the police of his whereabouts as they pursue him. While attempting to escape, he gets shot, and his life comes to an end.

Kamran Shirdel
Kamran Shirdel
Mohammad Reza Aslani
Jamshid Alvandi
Kamran Shirdel
Mehdi Rajaeian
Production Company
Cinema Theatre Rex

Cast & Crew
Jalal Pishvaeian, Saeed Rad, Shahrzad, Vajesta