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صلیب طلایی

Golden Cross | صلیب طلایی

PersianAction, Drama 82 min 1994

The narrative follows a group of fighters tasked with a mission to locate the “black box.” Unfortunately, this group becomes encircled by the enemy forces and ultimately faces defeat. A subsequent group is dispatched to the same location, led by the brother of the previous group’s commander.

During their journey, the second group encounters a treacherous abyss that must be crossed. Tragically, one member of the team falls into the valley below. This incident forces the group to divide, with a trio becoming separated from the main group.

The smaller group of three finds themselves surrounded by Iraqi forces. In the ensuing confrontations, two of their comrades lose their lives, leaving only a young Christian man named David. After desperate battles and attempts to evade capture, the members of the main group arrive at the location where their comrades were killed, only to find David missing.

In a shocking turn of events, Saeed, a young soldier and David’s friend, spots David’s distinctive golden cross adorning the neck of an Iraqi officer. The main group proceeds to the marked location, but the confrontation results in further casualties. Despite these losses, Saeed and David manage to survive and navigate the challenges they face.

Abdollah Bakideh
Abdollah Bakideh
Farajullah Heydari
Iraj Gol Afshan
Hasan Zandbaf
Production Company
Shiraz Film

Cast & Crew
Ahmad Johari, Akbar Azfarniam, Ali Tavakol Nia, Asghar Habibi Badal Abadi, Bashir Maalmir, Hossein Bakhshipuor, Jafar Abdoli, Jafar Dehghan, Mohammad Jozani, Mohammad Reza Asgari, Mohammad Reza Niazi, Mohsen Mokari, Mozhgan Balali, Parviz Gholami, Remo Aleksanderian, Reza Safaei Puor, Seif Ali Kazempuor, Shahin Jafari, Taghi Mahmuodi, Zhanet Veskanian