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صمد در به در می شود

Samad Becomes Destitute | صمد در به در می شود

PersianComedy 90 min 1978

Samad (Parviz Sayyad), following the advice of his granny (Farrokh Laqa Hushmand), takes his donkey and goes to the city to learn a trade skill with the help of Mash Baqer (Hosein Amirfazli). His donkey is stolen, and he complains to the local police (Mohammad Varshuchi). Karim Agha (Mohammad Gudarzi), the owner of a real estate agency, along with his apprentice Rahim (Bahman Zarrinpur), enlists Samad to play the role of a rural landowner who has come to the city to sell his lands at a low price. While Karim Aqa exploits Samad’s fabricated land ownership documents, he gets Samad employed as a construction worker. Samad’s fast pace of work leads to protests from other laborers, which gets him fired…

Parviz Sayyad
Parviz Sayyad
Alireza Zarrindost
Rouhollah Emami
Mojtaba Mirzadeh
Production Company
Azad Film Group

Cast & Crew
Ali Zahedi, Bahman Zarrinpour, Hossein Amirafzali, Parviz Sayyad