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Taher | طاهر

PersianDrama 98 min 1973

The architecture (Namatollah Gorji) entrusts his daughter, Lida (Shaparak), and his son, Taher (Shahram), to the Engineer (Abdullah Butimar) before his death. The engineer goes to Ahvaz and takes Lida with him to raise her alongside his son Shahram. And Neighbors raise Taher among them. Years later, Shahram rapes Lida (Lida Daneshvar), and the Engineer, suspecting that Lida is a promiscuous woman, kicks her out of his house. In the bus, Lida meets a dancer (Simin Alizadeh) who invites her to a cafe and introduces her to Ahmad (Morteza Aghaali) along the way. Ahmad ends up in prison, and leaves Lida with his friend Taher (Manouchehr Vosough). Lida and Taher develop feelings for each other and decide to get married. Shahram confesses to his father that it was him who raped Lida and is troubled by guilt. On the night of her wedding, Lida, upon seeing a picture of her father in Taher’s room, discovers that Taher is her brother. She flees the ceremony and seeks refuge with Ahmad. Taher confronts Ahmad, and Ahmad confesses that Lida is his sister. Finally, Shahram arrives and marries Lida.

Ghodratollah Bozorgi
Esmaeil Khosravi
Karim Neshat
Reza Anjamrouz
Reza Anjom Rooz
Hossein Vaseghi
Production Company
Diamond film

Cast & Crew
Lida Daneshvar, Manouchehr Vosough, Morteza Aghili, Simin Alizadeh