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عبور از مرز شب

Crossing the Night’s Border | عبور از مرز شب

PersianDrama, Romance 97 min 1979

Farhad (Vafa) and Margaret (Shahrzad Armani) become interested in each other from their school years. Farhad’s parents have passed away, and he has been raised by his uncle Taqi (Reza Karam Rezaei). Robert (Arman), Margaret’s father, prohibits her and Farhad from socializing due to religious differences, and Georges (Mehran Sadr) hires some thugs to keep Farhad away from his sister. Despite the obstacles, the two young people continue their relationship. They are not willing to disobey their religious principles. At the advice of Taqi and Robert, Farhad pretends to be interested in their neighbor’s daughter (Shadi Afrin), thinking that it will make Margaret lose interest in him. Due to Farhad’s neglect, Margaret contemplates suicide, but Farhad stops her. However, since they cannot see a way to marry, they eventually hold hands and drown themselves in the sea.

Bagher Khosravi
Mohammad Bagher Khosravi
Jamshid Faraji
Mahdi Rajaeian
Jahanbakhsh Pazuki
Production Company
Dohol Film

Cast & Crew
Arman, Reza Karam Rezaei, Shahrzad Armani, Vafa