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عروسی خون

‌Blood wedding | عروسی خون

PersianAction, Adventure 90 min 1994

A destitute family, having embraced a nomadic lifestyle, finds themselves distanced from their place of origin. Stranded within the domain of Khosrow Khan, a potent smuggler, they confront a harrowing ultimatum: wed their young daughter to the smuggler in exchange for the return of their sole source of livelihood—their truck.

Habib, the family’s elder patriarch, once a fighter in his own right, resolutely opposes this transaction. Meanwhile, Rahman, the family’s youthful son, harbors a keen attachment to the truck, as he too relies on it for sustenance. As the day of the wedding unfolds, events take an unforeseen turn. In an unexpected twist, Rahman resorts to an act of violence, resulting in the demise of Khosrow Khan. Seizing the moment, he elopes with his beloved sister, Khorshid, as they flee from the scene.

Majid Javanmard
Ismail Abbasi
Majid Javanmard
Hossein Maleki
Mehdi Rajaian
Babak Bayat
Production Company
Cinema services of Yaran Film

Cast & Crew
Manouchehr Hamedi, Marjane Deldargolchin, Morteza Ahmadi, Saeed Abbasi, Shahla Riahi