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عروس خوش قدم

A Lucky Bride | عروس خوش قدم

PersianDrama 99 min 25 June 2003

Donya is a rich woman who suffers from depression after the death of her three husbands and goes to a psychiatrist for treatment. The doctor asks her to describe her life, and Danya tells about her first marriage with Farzad: The two of them, who study at the same university, were expelled due to a misunderstanding. Farzad, who bought a welfare lottery ticket for the sake of the world, wins the grand prize and attributes this to the good fortune of the world and marries her. Farzad enters the clothing business, establishes a chain store and becomes one of the big capitalists, but he dies due to an incident. The brokers, who have discovered the wealth of the world, introduce him to Jamal, who is the head of a milk factory. This familiarity leads to their marriage. 

Kazem Rastgoftar
Kazem Rastgoftar
MohammadReza Sokoot
Habibollah Bahmani
Ali Rastgoftar
Ariya Azimi Nezhad
Production Company

Cast & Crew
Amin Hayai, Changiz Vossoughi, Farhad Ayish, Hesam Navab Safavi, Mahaya Petrosian, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Parsa Pirouzfar