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عروس فراری

The Runaway Bride | عروس فراری

PersianDrama 100 min 1958

A rural girl who has a beautiful singing voice bears an incredible resemblance to “Delkash.” Delkash, who has come to Ramsar for a concert, switches places with the village girl in an unexpected incident. Both of them try to escape and return to their acquaintances, but their surroundings prevent them. Ultimately, when the rural girl and Delkash meet face to face, the problems that have arisen come to an end.

Esmail Koushan
Mehdi Soheyli
Mahmoud Koushan 
Esmaeil Koshan
Majid Vafadar
Production Company
Pars Film

Cast & Crew
Delkesh, Mohsen Mahdavi, Nasser Malekmotiei, Taghi Zohouri