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عروس فراری

Runaway Bride | عروس فراری

PersianComedy 90 min 2014

Behrouz, a married man, cunningly seeks to marry Sima, a wealthy young woman, with the sole objective of acquiring her riches. However, his deceitful plan unravels on their wedding day, exposing his true intentions. In a bid to salvage his reputation among their relatives, Sima’s father urgently summons his trusted steward, instructing him to find a suitable substitute groom. Resourceful and quick-thinking, Mubasher, the loyal steward, proposes Amir, his own nephew, as the ideal candidate for this charade. 

Following the ceremonious affair, Sima departs for her father’s luxurious villa, leaving behind an unsuspecting Amir, who is oblivious to the treachery surrounding him. Little does Behrouz know that he has inadvertently ignited a fierce desire for retribution within Amir. With determination fueling his every step, Amir embarks on a relentless pursuit to confront Sima at the opulent villa, driven by a fervent determination to right the wrongs inflicted upon him and protect the honor of Sima’s unsuspecting family. 

Bahram Kazemi
Hasan Ansarian
Reza Banki
Arash Moayerian
Siavash Zahedi
Bardia Keyarz
Production Company
Pooya Asr Film

Cast & Crew
Abolghasem Rezanjad, Ali Kheiri, Amin Hayai, Cyrus Ebrahimzadeh, Elham Taj, Elnaz Shakerdoust, Fereshteh madani, Gholam Hossein Lotfi, Hesam Navab Safavi, Kyumars Malek Motiee, Mahmoud Talebi, Parastoo Golestani, Parvin Meikadeh, Rabee Oskouei, Ramsin Kebriti, Servin Rafieeyan, Shiva Khonyagar, Tala Moayeni, Turan Ghadri