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عروس فرنگی

Stranger Bride | عروس فرنگی

PersianComedy 115 min 1964

Hossein Tormozi (Nasratollah Vahdat) is a taxi driver who, due to poverty, is unable to marry his fiancée, Mahin (Farideh Nasiri). One day, Hossein picks up a French passenger named Maria (Pouri Banayi), who has come as a guest to his sister-in-law’s family in Iran but has lost her way. Hossein takes her for a sightseeing tour and ends up looking after her at his mother’s house, leading to a series of events in his life.

Nosratollah Vahdat
Nosratollah Vahdat
Shokrollah Rafiei
Shokrollah Rafiei
Fereydoun Badieian
Production Company
Karevan Film

Cast & Crew
Farideh Nasiri, Farzaneh Kazemi, Hamideh Kheirabadi, Pouri Banayi, Vahdat